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Imperial Induction Wave Tuning Calculator

Welcome to the imperial (inches) induction wave tuning calculator. This calculator will determine the most efficient overall length of the intake runners to optimize the intake system. This updated calculator allows the user to decide how many induction waves they want to calculate for. The optimum is the first wave, however, it should be recognised that both the first and second waves are usually too long for most practical applications - NASCAR engines use the third wave. We recommend you start at the third wave and go from there. Just enter the number of waves in the second box. Do as many calculations as needed to get a workable compromise between performance and the practical space constraints on your vehicle. Once you have found the most practical dimensions, all you do is measure the current intake runner length and subtract this from the length advised in the calculator - the bit left over is the length of the velocity stack. This will tell you how long the velocity stacks should be, but remember to allow about a half inch so the stack can slide over or inside the end of the runner (usually the carby or throttle body).

Remember: Our velocity stacks are metric, so you will need to convert the ID for yourself.

Please Note: Thanks to a very helpful customer, it now works with major browsers.

Also Note: The Number of Induction Waves in the calculator refers to the number of waves to which the intake runner is tuned. NASCAR engineers use the third wave, you can now  to use any number you like for optimum tuning.

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Click Here for the Metric (cm) Induction Wave Calculator


Calculate the Overall Intake Runner Length in Inches (Imperial).
Advertised Cam Duration : Degrees
Number of Induction Waves : Degrees
Desired Optimum RPM : RPM
Diameter of Intake Runners (in) : Diameter